Industrial gas supply & services for the chemical industry

Creating a positive reaction

It’s not just about the chemical. It’s about the reaction — the combination of independent things to create something new and innovative. At Praxair, this is exactly how we work with the chemical companies we serve. We don’t just sell gases to you, we work with you to develop new ways to improve your process, meet your environmental goals and lower your production costs. We have the expertise and experience to develop, implement and operate highly reliable and efficient supply systems. And we provide the industrial gases, services, and applications that help you advance the production of your chemicals.

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Industrial Applications & Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing

Direct Oxygen Injection

Our Direct Oxygen Injection process is a low-cost solution for on-demand capacity increase. By directly injecting oxygen into the reactor, you can increase production by up to 20%.

Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion

Introducing even the smallest amount of oxygen into your combustion processes can balance the competing demands between your productivity and environmental goals. A cost-effective industrial application, our oxygen-enhanced combustion is a great alternative to debottlenecking and incremental capacity projects.

Reactor Cooling

If you require low temperatures or rapid cooling, our direct contact, indirect contact and injection cooling systems might be the key to unlocking increased productivity.

Nitrogen Stripping & Recovery

Purify your process fluids with our nitrogen stripping systems and applications. Together we can tailor an industrial solution that will meet your purity requirements.


Our Laminar Barrier Inerting (LBI) technology applies a layer of gaseous nitrogen during the thermoforming process to help you produce molded parts and plastic films with higher surface quality and reduced scrap rates.

VOC Treatment & Recovery

Remove and recover Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from gaseous process streams. Condensing VOCs will help you recover valuable compounds and meet stringent environmental regulations.

Industrial services for the chemical industry

We do more than provide industrial gases, supply systems and applications to the chemical industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and improve your processes.