Praxair Industrial Gases for Your Chemical Manufacturing Operation

Creating a positive reaction

It’s not just about the chemical. It’s about the reaction — the combination of independent things to create something new and innovative. At Praxair, this is exactly how we work with the chemical companies we serve. We don’t just sell gases to you, we work with you to develop new ways to improve your process, meet your environmental goals and lower your production costs. We have the expertise and experience to develop, implement and operate highly reliable and efficient supply systems. And we provide the industrial gases, services, and applications that help you advance the production of your chemicals.

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Praxair Industrial Applications for Chemical Manufacturing

Direct Oxygen Injection

Both liquid phase chemical oxidations and aerobic fermentation processes can achieve considerable increases in production rate using Praxair’s Direct Oxygen Injection (DOI) technology.  By directly injecting oxygen, you can overcome limitations of air injection which may increase capacity by 20% or more. Praxair will also help you choose the most cost-effective oxygen supply system to meet your needs.

Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion

Praxair is a global leader in combustion technology with a suite of creative options that can increase throughput and reduce emissions of by-products such as carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). Oxygen-enhanced combustion can be a highly cost-effective method to balance competing productivity and environmental demands. 

Reactor Cooling

The use of cryogenic liquid nitrogen is an effective means for cooling low-temperature reactions and controlling heat release. When low temperatures or rapid cooling is required, our direct contact, indirect contact, and injection cooling systems may be the key to unlocking increased productivity.

Nitrogen Stripping & Recovery

In chemical manufacturing, it is important to maintain the purity of your products. Praxair can help remove dissolved gases and residual impurities with our nitrogen stripping systems. Together we can create a plan that will address your process issues and meet your needs.

VOC Treatment & Recovery

Remove and recover Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from gaseous process streams by means of cryogenic condensation. Praxair can offer you flexible alternatives to thermal destruction and adsorptive technologies. By condensing VOCs you can recover valuable compounds and meet stringent environmental regulations in a safe and reliable manner. 

Industrial services for the chemical industry

We do more than provide industrial gases, supply systems and applications to the chemical industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and improve your processes.