Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets for the electronics industry

Targeting leading quality

Our product portfolio of PVD materials includes sources for metal and metal-oxide films for semiconductor, display, LED and photovoltaic devices. At Praxair, we have earned our reputation as a leading supplier through extensive research and development, and dedication to produce the highest quality sputtering targets. Explore our sputtering target product portfolio below.

AdvanTage™ tantalum targets -

These targets provide consistent, reproducible process performance with high thickness uniformity and repeatable target-to-target sputtering deposition. The elimination of texture banding during fabrication produces a uniform microstructure, which delivers improved early-life stability and consistent-through-life sputter performance.

Ta 300mm SIP Rs Uniformity Comparison - TaN/Ta Bi Layer Film

Advantage Tatalum Targets

Fine-grain copper (Cu) and copper alloy targets -

With uniform microstructure and controlled texture, our fine grain 6N copper and copper alloy targets offer consistent performance and reliability, with increased target life. The well-controlled fine-grain microstructure enables innovative designs and higher yield strength allows for monobloc target structures, which exhibit minimal deflection and increased target life of up to 50%.

Fine Grain 6N Cu Target Performance for 300mm Endura target

Property/Characteristics Praxair’s Proprietary Process Standard Process
Grain Size  < 25µm  40-60 µm 
Yield Strength  180 MPa  92 MPa 
Tensile Strength  240 MPa  225 MPa 
Target Life  2100 kWh  1300* kWh 

* Process dependent

Fine Grain Copper Targets

Fine-grain aluminum (Al) alloy targets -

Praxair’s stable manufacturing process provides improved target-to-target microstructural consistency with 70% smaller grains, as compared to conventional processing. Reduced grain size increases your productivity by improving sputter consistency and film properties.

Ultrafine-grain aluminum (Al) alloy targets -

Using advanced metallurgical fabrication techniques, our aluminum and aluminum-copper (Al-0.5Cu) targets exhibit enhanced yield strengths, with a nominal grain size of 0.5 µm, compared to 40-50µm obtained through conventional processing. The improved yield strength permits single-piece designs, which extend the life of our targets.

Long-life aluminum (Al) targets (RE-Al â PLUS) -

Designed to improve the cost of ownership for aluminum deposition on 200mm wafers, the RE-Al â PLUS target demonstrates excellent performance throughout its rated lifetime of 1600 kWh (equivalent to 9,500 1-µm films).

When used with electrostatic chuck shield kits, the RE-Al â PLUS target can significantly increase the interval between kit and target replacements, allowing for increased tool utilization. In addition to the RE-Al â PLUS target, the RE-Al Supreme target is available with the same benefits for 150mm wafer processing.

Alumina-Zinc-Oxide (AZO) targets (ZnO:Al203) -

Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) targets provide highly-effective transparent conducting oxide (TCO) layers for amorphous silicon and other thin-film photovoltaic devices. Targets are available in a tubular configuration to maximize material usage, yield and production time.

AZO Datasheet (623KB)

Standard oxide targets -

At Praxair, we offer a full line of high-purity metallic-oxide sputtering and laser ablation targets. Targets are processed from both single and multi-component oxide powders, which are optimized for the production of high-density targets. Each target can be designed with either indium/tin or silver epoxy bonding to customer specified backing plates or cups.

Nickel platinum (NiPt) targets -

Our 4N5 nickel platinum targets were developed specifically for leading-edge salicide semiconductor applications. High purity and mechanical stability make them ideal for advanced device processing.

Long-life titanium (Ti) targets (Re-Ti™) -

Production fab results indicate that target life extensions up to 65% are possible with Praxair’s recess embedded RE-Ti titanium targets. We can reduce your titanium target consumption by up to 40%, while still meeting all requirements for uniformity, particle generation and other film properties throughout target life.

Tungsten W targets (high-purity, high-density) -

In order to achieve optimal film properties and minimize particle generation, it is essential to control tungsten target purity, density, grain size and orientation. Through a tightly controlled manufacturing process, Praxair can deliver 5Ns (99.999%) pure W targets with a density greater than 99.7%. High-purity Ti-W, and W-Si targets are also available for semiconductor, solar and other thin film processes.