Delignification and Bleaching

Pulp & paper processes: oxygen delignification and ozone bleaching

A better alternative to chlorine

In response to our planet’s growing environmental challenges, pulp and paper mills have eliminated the use of chemicals like chlorine in bleaching processes in order to eliminate the production of adsorbable organic compounds (AOX).

Oxygen Delignification

Oxygen delignification offers significant operating cost advantages and is a recognized way to enhance yield in bleached kraft pulp production. We provide technical support for the oxygen delignification application and work with you to help select the appropriate system for your mill’s unique operating situation.

Oxygen Delignification (50KB)

Ozone Bleaching 

Ozone bleaching, combined with oxygen delignification and other non-chlorine bleaching technologies, enables mills to curb emissions and meet environmental standards cost effectively. The process results in a higher percentage of recycled process water, lower chemical oxygen demand discharges, and reduced color in mill waste.

Pulp Bleaching with Ozone (51KB)