Wet End pH Control & Adjustment

pH Control & Adjustment for Wet End Paper Making & Stock Preparation

Safe, reliable & cost effective pH control

Because of the many interacting chemical and physical systems required in the papermaking process, papermakers are continuously faced with decisions about how to centerline and optimize their processes.

Desiring minimization of wet end chemical changes and the ability to identify discreet physical process system changes for adjustment or correction in a controlled manner, papermakers turn to wet end pH control of whitewater, incoming pulp and headbox. Carbon dioxide (CO2) provides a safe and cost effective method of paper machine pH control by minimizing pH swings and increasing productivity. It allows papermaking additives to be optimized in performance, enables improved refining performance and provides more consistent sheet drainage on the paper machine wire. CO2 for wet end pH control also speeds up boilout solution neutralizations after machine boilouts.

Control of pH using CO2 is a commercially proven, safe and simple application for the stock preparation and paper machine wet end stages in mills that make most grades of alkaline, neutral and tissue paper.

Stock Preparation & Paper Machine Wet End pH Control with CO2 (74KB)