Pulp & Paper

Oxygen and Carbon dioxide improve pulp & paper processing

Rewriting the rules on clean paper

A clean sheet of paper can inspire an idea. But at Praxair, our ideas are inspiring cleaner paper. As new environmental regulations are being rolled out to address pulp and paper mill emissions, more and more companies are turning to Praxair for a solution. We offer strategies and industrial services that are both economical and environmentally conscious. Our industrial gas and liquid mixing expertise provide mills with the means to raise production, lower operating costs and meet the latest environmental standards. Let us help you make your paper cleaner.

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Industrial applications and solutions for the pulp & paper industry

Delignification & Bleaching

Take the steps toward total chlorine-free pulp production with our oxygen delignification and ozone bleaching industrial solutions.


Increase production rates for bleached kraft pulp by up to 15% with our brownstock washing and recovery system.


Replace sulfuric acid with carbon dioxide to treat pitch build-up in screen rooms. Carbon dioxide is safer to handle and does not cause corrosion of screen room equipment.

White Liquor Oxidation

Our oxygen can be used to enable efficient oxidation of white liquor — generating alkali sources that are useful in bleaching and delignification processes.

Wet End pH Control & Adjustment

Control pH with carbon dioxide in the stock preparation and wet end stages of your alkaline, neutral and tissue paper making processes.

Industrial services for the pulp & paper industry

We do more than provide industrial gases and applications to the pulp & paper industry. We offer high-performance surface coatings that address abrasive wear and corrosion issues while improving sheet properties for a variety of press and roll applications. Our high-resistance coatings extend surface finish, gloss and roll life between your grinds to ultimately reduce costs and improve paper quality.

At Praxair, we help you optimize your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and protect your products, ultimately making your business more productive.