Environmental Management System

Praxair Safety, Health & Environmental Management System

Continuously measuring improvement

Our Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) is audited in several ways to ensure our compliance with regulations and Praxair internal requirements, and to drive continuous improvement.

External Audits

Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)

Responsible Care® is a program that supports the continuous improvement of chemical management.

Learn more about our Responsible Care Management System (RCMS®) within our Product Stewardship section.

Praxair receives external environmental audits against the RCMS, ISO 14001, ISO 5001 for energy management, and the Mexican government Clean Industry Standard. One-hundred percent of Praxair operations, by revenue, is covered with external international EMS certifications or their equivalents. The Praxair corporation is covered by the Responsible Care Management® (RCMS) System Standard. View the RCMS System Standard Certificate below.

The ACC requires member companies to be externally audited by authorized auditors. Praxair U.S. is audited by Bureau Veritas per the requirements of the RCMS. The 2011-2013 re-certification cycle required corporate headquarters plus eight sites to be audited and certified over the three-year period. This cycle closed with an audit of the Danbury, Conn., headquarters site on September 18-19, 2013. The new cycle began January 2014 and goes to December 2016, at which point a new RCMS certificate will be issued. The scope of the audit includes sites that “manufacture and distribute industrial gases per the RCMS Technical Specification (TC) RC 101.03.” All of these sites were audited using Praxair’s SHEMS, which incorporates TC RC 101.03 into its Worldwide Safety Health and Environmental Manual for all facilities worldwide.

Eighty-five facilities worldwide maintain ISO 14001 certification. Praxair Germany received ISO 5001 (Energy Management System) certification in late 2011 for all its sites.

Praxair Mexico and Central America have participated from 2009 in the national environmental agency PROFEPA Clean Industry program. Certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate that they satisfactorily meet all environmental compliance requirements as well as natural resource efficiencies. Environmental audits of the EMS system and performance are required. Clean Industry certification has been achieved in 18 Praxair Mexico plants. With this, Praxair Mexico achieves its goal for 100 percent of major locations to obtain Clean Industry certification by 2015.

Environmental Data

Praxair also has its global environmental data externally assured, including its GHG data, which is assured against the AA1000AS 2008 standard.

Download the Carbon Verification Service 2015 Assurance Statement (214 KB)

Download the Carbon Verification Service 2015 Audit Statement (145 KB)

Responsible Care Management System Standard External Certification (248 KB)

Internal Assessments

Our internal assessment program requires internal audits of all sites and facilities to be performed on a rolling schedule of once every three, four or five years. See the tables below for an example of the sites in each audit cycle category and the number of audits performed each year.

 3 - Year Cycle

 4 - Year Cycle

 5 - Year Cycle

Pipelines (Flammable)

Praxair Surface Technologies

Bulk Atmospheric Gases

Carbon Dioxide / Dry Ice (Ammonia greater than threshold quantity)

Business / Region (Product Safety)

Carbon Dioxide / Dry Ice (Ammonia less than threshold quantity)

Process / HYCO (Hydrogen / Carbon Monoxide)


Customer Service Centers, Laboratories, Maintenance Centers, and Warehouses / Storefronts / Depots

Facilities covered by product safety risk assessment