Industrial Services

Gas Tanks & Piping Services

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Our industrial services are extensive and offer refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, storage terminals, utilities and steel mills services including cleaning, purging, drying, emergency oxygenation aeration, displacing, cooling, leak testing, pressure testing and inspection of piping, furnaces, vessels, reactors and tanks. We also work with you to meet your needs for temporary supply of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

Praxair has the services and expertise you need to help minimize downtime and reduce risks during turnarounds and routine maintenance throughout your facility. Our wide range of mobile nitrogen pumping applications include accelerated cooling, purging and inerting, hot stripping and accelerated drying, inert entry support, furnace tube decoking and more.

Praxair provides mobile nitrogen pumping services to pipeline right-of-ways, remote valve stations, and terminals for a wide range of pipeline project needs including tool propellant and product displacement, drying, purging and blanketing, pneumatic pressure testing, interior cleaning, and more.

Praxair provides a comprehensive suite of accurate and reliable technologies to detect and locate leaks in buried pipelines, tanks and terminal piping. Leaks as small as one gallon per day can be detected and located without interruption or excavation.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blast cleaning can provide a non-conductive cleaning process that may allow equipment to be cleaned in-place without cool down or disassembly. The process can safely and effectively clean contaminants that plug and foul fin fan heat exchangers.

CO2 Services & Gas Well Fracturing

Carbon dioxide may be used for self-buffering, pH control in refineries, steel mills, cement and wastewater processes, product tank purge treatments and product displacement during pipeline work. Carbon dioxide may also be used in fracture treatments allowing for the introduction of less water into the process.

With over a million customers in a wide variety of industries, you’ll find a suite of proven services delivered by knowledgeable professionals to address your most complex needs. Our mix of speciality services includes temporary gas supply, concrete cooling, cleaning and target testing, SaFog, I-SO wastewater oxygenation service, and more.