Employee Stories: Sara Green

Sara Green

Sara Green, Quality Database Administrator

Sara Green

Quality Database Administrator

After I graduated high school, I began my military career as an Internal Communications Electrician in the U.S. Navy. I was stationed mostly out of Great Lakes, Illinois and Mayport, Florida. The military taught me invaluable lessons that I am able to utilize at Praxair.

In the military, there is an emphasis on paying attention to detail and to your surroundings. If you don’t pay attention and do your job well, the quality of workmanship can suffer, or worse, someone can get hurt. The very same mindset permeates Praxair.

I joined the Praxair team on September 19, 2006 as a Certificate of Analysis (COA) Clerk, preparing COAs that travel with a product cylinder to the customer and ensure that the specifications meet the customer’s requirements and exceed expectations. Since then, I have also taken on responsibilities as a Production Administration Database Admin for Praxair’s Information Management System. This involves entering individual product codes such as cylinder style, valve style and fill weight into the database; looking at historical data to ensure product cylinder specification requirements can be met; and keeping our team’s focus on quality. When a customer places an order for a new or existing product, I make sure all the T’s are crossed, I’s are dotted, and triple check for imperfections. 

Since I am the last line of defense before the product reaches the customer, it is imperative to pay attention to detail and quality. Just because the quality is good for one customer, doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the next, and my customers and colleagues are depending on me to uphold the highest levels of excellence.

In the military and at Praxair, we treat one another like family. We rely on and look out for one another because we care. Being detail-oriented and having an obligation to your team ties into Praxair’s commitment to safety. If I see someone who isn’t wearing safety goggles or someone that I don’t recognize walking around without an escort, I say something because that’s what family is for. I feel the same sense of pride and accountability to my team here as I did in the Navy.

I feel the same sense of pride and accountability to my team here as I did in the Navy.