Employee Stories: Madeline Horning

Madeline Horning

Madeline Horning, Plant Manager

Madeline Horning

Plant Manager – Sulphur, LA

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

While attending a career fair at Texas A&M University, I was introduced to Praxair and learned about the Commercial Operations Leadership Program (COLP). I had heard about other companies’ leadership programs, but Praxair’s sounded like it would be the most hands-on. It wasn't going to be a large program with a lot of people, but a smaller group that appealed to me. I thought I could learn in that environment and get exposure to the company and grow in my career. Throughout the interview process, I truly enjoyed Praxair’s culture and environment, and knew it would be a great fit. When offered the position, in Dallas, TX, I happily accepted.

Once in the job, we were unexpectedly short-staffed. We still needed to meet our customers’ product needs. In one week, I went from an associate to a decision maker. Collaborating with other team members, we satisfied all of our customers.

I was nominated and later awarded the Regional Operational Excellence Award for my contribution during that challenging week. I received a monetary award and plaque, as well as recognition from business leadership at the quarterly teleconference. It is this kind of support and recognition that encourages me to accept challenging and fulfilling roles within Praxair.

After seven months on the job, I was asked by South region leadership to transfer to Sulphur, LA for an opportunity that would help me learn about both plant operations and sales. With continued support from the entire south region team, I accepted the position as Plant Manager in April 2017.

Although Praxair is a large company, it has a small company feel. Our team is very close-knit and while I am located at a somewhat “remote” location, I feel closely connected with everyone in the South region. Praxair’s culture has given me the opportunity to grow quickly. The knowledge that my team believes in me has accelerated my personal growth. In the last year, I have learned more than I ever thought I could, and I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring!

Praxair’s culture has given me the opportunity to grow quickly.