Employee Stories: Rebecca Rourke

Rebecca Rourke

Rebecca Rourke, Microbulk Sales Specialist

Rebecca Rourke

Microbulk Sales Specialist – Charlotte, NC

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

I joined Praxair as a Commercial Operations Leadership Program (COLP) Associate in the Woodlands, TX. The COLP gave me the opportunity to explore both operations and sales in Praxair and see how they work together. This experience proved immensely valuable as I am now a microbulk specialist with Praxair Distribution Inc. covering a territory that includes Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

At Praxair, there is a huge emphasis on growth and development. People remember where they came from and who kept them under their wing, and they pay it forward to new employees. When I was recommended for the microbulk specialist position, I received tremendous support. The hiring manager thought I was clearly up for a new challenge.

In college as part of my engineering program, I learned to think critically and problem solve, both of these skills have become particularly important as my career at Praxair has progressed. In my current role, I am responsible for the sales process from quote to contract. This includes everything from the initial sales call to equipment sizing, pricing and contracts to preparing customer presentations and then coordinating with the operations team while they prepare for the installation.

One of my highlights at Praxair thus far was receiving a “Win of the Week” for my involvement in a new and highly competitive contract in our region. The company thought they had more time with their current supplier, but soon found out that the supplier wouldn’t be filling up their tanks past their contract’s expiration. With just a few days to spare, they reached out to Praxair and a few other competitors to create a proposal that would satisfy their product needs. In order to meet their timeline, we quickly coordinated efforts to have trucks on the ground and our operations team waiting to jump in as soon as the customer accepted our offer. Our performance set us apart from our competitors and demonstrated what Praxair is willing to do for our customers.

At Praxair, every day is an adventure and a new learning experience. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

At Praxair, every day is an adventure and a new learning experience.