Our Hiring Process

Praxair Hiring Process

Praxair's Hiring Process

So, you've submitted an application.  Now what?  If your background and skills match an open position's requirements, someone from Praxair will contact you to set up an interview.

Round One

A first interview may be conducted on campus, by phone, in person or via videoconference. Our goal is to assess your technical, problem-solving and communication skills. During the interview, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your school, work and extracurricular achievements and experiences. So, be prepared! You can also ask questions, so think about what you would like to know about our company, its future, the open position and more. 

If after the interview we decide you demonstrated you have the qualifications, energy and drive for the position, our culture and Praxair, we will invite you back for an interview at one of our Praxair locations.  

Round Two

A round two interview lets us further assess your skills for a specific job. At the same time, it gives you another chance to evaluate Praxair as an employer. During this step in the hiring process, you will visit one of our locations. Be prepared to speak about your accomplishments, skills and related activities.   After the interview, the Praxair team will meet to determine if you are the best candidate for the job.

Full-Time & Internship Offers

If selected, we will extend an offer and you will have the chance to follow up and speak with us about any additional information you need to decide if Praxair is the right company for you.