Employee Stories: Kate McCann

Kate McCann

Kate McCann

Kate McCann

Associate Director, Human Resources

Corporate Benefits

I’ve worked at Praxair for over five years and in that time I’ve held four different roles within the Human Resources function. Although I now work in Corporate Benefits in Danbury, Connecticut, my early experiences were on the front line at our plant in Burr Ridge, Illinois. This was a great experience that helped me build a solid understanding of how our business operates. I worked on a broad range of projects from increasing employee engagement to improving our processes for recruiting new hires. With each project I was given all the support I needed, but ultimately it was up to me to drive my own success. I guess you could say I had a blank canvas. I was given a problem and I had to use my skills to solve it. That’s typical of life at Praxair. It’s fast-paced and you’ll learn quickly that prioritization is a necessity.

Whatever role you’re in at Praxair, you have the opportunity to make an impact. You’ll always be challenged to look at better ways of doing things – whether you’re an engineer, a scientist or an HR professional, that constant drive towards efficiency and productivity is part of our DNA.

If you have the ambition, determination and willingness to work hard you can control your own career path. And with each experience comes new learning and the opportunity to develop new skills to get you to where you want to be. My own career path is enabling me to become a well-rounded HR professional who can continue to contribute and bring value to the business. I know if I continue to take care of the company, then Praxair will continue to take care of me.

Knowing that I work for a company where change, innovation and efficiency are encouraged motivates me to work hard and be part of that transformation.