Heat Treating for Automotive & Transportation Equipment

heat treating for the automotive & transportation equipment industry

Driven to provide the strength you need

When it comes to finding processes that strengthen your automotive metals, Praxair can help your business race ahead. Heat treating enhances the strength and durability of metals, and we’ll work with you to build the toughest driving machines possible. We offer a diverse portfolio of heat treating applications that can improve the quality and appearance of your metals, make highly reproducible parts and give you better control over your process. Not only that, we can help you find ways to heat treat efficiently, so you never have to choose between cost and quality.



Annealing is the process of heating steel above the transformation temperature and slowly cooling it. The correct atmosphere is key to a successful annealing process. 

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Brazing Furnace

Brazing is a joining process that heats filler metal and evenly distributes it between two parts. We provide a reducing atmosphere to help you produce higher quality joints.

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Carburizing & Hardening

Carburizing Furnace

Carburizing is a heat treatment process in which steel absorbs carbon while the metal is heated. Our technology provides ideal conditions for better control and repeatability.

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Gas Quenching & Inerting

Gas Quenching

Furnace inerting and parts quenching are common heat treating applications. We offer gases in a variety of supply systems to meet your process requirements. 

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Gears Sintering

The sintering process uses compressed metal or ceramic powders to form various shapes. Our atmosphere gases help achieve a consistent performance for your sintering operation.

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