Industrial Gas Supply & technology for the glass industry

Making glass clearly cleaner

The action of making glass is over 5,000 years old, but two decades ago, Praxair made great strides in getting this ancient craft ready for the twenty-first century. With our full range of industrial gases, technologies and equipment, we successfully converted the first large container glass furnace to an oxy-fuel burner. This development was good news not just for our customers, but also for the planet. Oxy-fuel melting improves glass quality and helps you save money by burning less fuel more efficiently. It also drastically reduces NOx emissions to help you meet today’s regulatory requirements. Our burners allow you to produce a glass so clear and efficient that it could only be centuries in the making.

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Oxygen Enhanced Combustion Glass

Oxygen Enhanced NOX Reduction

Our Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology for glass melting is based on the injection of fuel and oxygen through separate burner ports. This industrial application eliminates most of the nitrogen in combustion air and can help you lower NOx emissions by up to 90%, safe fuel costs, and improve your productivity.


Praxair OPTIMELT™ Thermochemical Regenerator System

This commercially demonstrated, revolutionary system recovers waste energy stored in regenerator checkers by preheating fuel and endothermically reacting the fuel with the CO2 and H2O in recycled flue gas. The result is conversion of fuel to hot syngas – delivering a net reduction in fuel required to melt your glass of 20% to 30% compared to oxy-fuel and air-fuel glass furnaces.

Industrial products for glass manufacturing, production and furnaces

Praxair's OPTIFIRE Burners
DOC Wide Flame Burner

DOC – Wide Flame Burner

This oxy-fuel burner offers wide flame coverage, low NOx emissions and low maintenance. With high flame luminosity and low momentum, it optimizes heat transfer during the melting process and prevents hot spots.

Wide Flame Burner Spec Sheet (418KB)


OPTIFIRETM Wide Flame Burner,

This new version of the oxy-fuel burner offers high flame coverage, helps reduce NOx and particulates emissions, and has high flame luminosity. This burner also effectively produces a low momentum flame to minimize volatilization with no maintenance required. 


DOC JL burner

DOC – JL Burner

Ideal for large area coverage, the DOC-JL burner is based on our innovative Dilute Oxygen Combustion technology and offers reduced glass furnace emissions.

JL Burner Spec Sheet (778KB)

Oxygen Supply System for Burners
Praxair's OPTIFLO VPSA System


This oxygen supply system is especially designed to work with Praxair’s OPTIFIRE Wide Flame Burners. The system optimizes net power consumption, thus lowering your cost of oxygen. When combined with the OPTIFIRE Wide Flame Burner, you can have power savings of 150 – 220 kW*, resulting in significant cost savings over the duration of furnace campaign. 

OPTIFLO2 VPSA System (567KB)

Industrial services for glass manufacturing, production and furnaces

We do more than provide industrial gases, applications and products to the glass industry. We will help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and protect your machinery, to ultimately make your business more productive.