Cryopreservation Equipment

Cryopreservation & Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Cryogenic Storage Systems, Freezers & Equipment

Properly maintaining your biological material 

Praxair has teamed with the world’s leading manufacturers of vacuum-insulated products and cryogenic systems to provide the latest in cryogenic storage freezers and shippers. We offer a comprehensive selection of sample holding racks, boxes, canisters, frames and cassettes. We also supply carbon dioxide back-up systems for -80°C mechanical freezers, dry ice storage containers and production systems, and controlled rate freezers, along with a wide variety of cryogenic accessories including safety equipment, changeover systems and transfer hoses. As a fully integrated supplier, Praxair provides cryogenic liquid nitrogen in dewar, microbulk and bulk scales and can implement a complete turnkey liquid nitrogen distribution system that's right for your facility. 

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