Sub-zero Parts Freezing

nitrogen for quick cooling &  Parts Freezing

Rapidly improve your metal properties 

Nitrogen Parts FreezingOur sub-zero freezers use liquid nitrogen to cool down parts inside a treatment chamber. The liquid gas is sprayed through fine nozzles into the chamber, where it evaporates quickly and thus lowers the temperature. This optimizes the parts’ micro-structure, transforming retained austenite into martensite. The temperature profiles are measured and precisely controlled by two sensors, making this method the ideal fit for the demanding requirements of aviation, aerospace and automotive industries.

In addition to liquid nitrogen, we offer specially engineered cryogenic cooling equipment. You can choose from our four off-the-shelf freezers – our cabinet, box, tunnel and further continuous models.

Complementing this standard offering, we also provide customized models in various standard and tailored sizes to meet your specific efficiency, heat loss and gas consumption needs. 

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