Diversity Around the World

Praxair and Diversity Around the World

We celebrate diversity in our global workplace and communities. Through the efforts of our employees, we have established programs and workshops that foster and enhance diversity and inclusion. We continue to leverage and build momentum to help make us more engaged and committed to the success of the organization. Below are some of our global examples:

South America

White Martins’s robust partnerships and career fairs with Brazil’s top three universities are increasing our diverse talent pipeline. In 2014, 54% of interns hired were female and 26% were afro-descendant. In addition, 33% of participants in the Youth Talent Program were female engineers.


Our operations in Asia foster an inclusive culture with employee engagement and career development programs and events like Toastmasters, Career Day, Diversity Forums, Women’s Day events, social events and more.


Named one of the best companies to work for in Mexico for the third consecutive year and a Socially Responsible Company for the fourth consecutive year, Praxair Mexico prides itself on community outreach focused on women, the elderly and people with disabilities.


In Europe, special training and development opportunities gave career development program participants insight into senior leaders’ diversity and inclusion priorities. Guest speakers in Spain promoted awareness of successful women in business and employees in Italy participated in a survey and training to raise diversity awareness.

Domingus Bulus
Domingos H.G. Bulus Diversity Picture

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is critical to fostering innovation and achieving superior results.

Domingus Bulus President, Praxair South America
Winner of Praxair’s 2014 Diversity Leadership Award
Ben Glazer
Ben Glazer, employee, statement about diversity at Praxair around the world

Our diversity of talent, opinions and thoughts leads us to innovation and achieving organizational goals in a more comprehensive and integrated way.

Ben Glazer Manager, Merger Integration
Vipa Jinda
Vipa Jinda Diversity Picture

Truly successful and innovative companies are those that build diverse teams. I believe we need to consciously and intentionally build, nurture and grow diverse talent if we want to stay competitive and be successful.

Vipa Jinda Managing Director, Thailand