At Praxair, we believe in order to be successful in different markets around the world, we must first embrace the differences within our company. That’s why we strive to create an inclusive environment where diversity is valued and leveraged to promote individual professional growth and help grow the business as a whole. 

After all, our diverse experiences and ideas are what help us develop new and innovative business solutions. Understanding different cultures not only helps us support the development of a strong employee base at Praxair, but it better equips us to grow new and existing markets. Explore some of the ways we strengthen our global performance through diversity.

Joseph Abdoo
Joseph Abdoo, employee, statement about diversity at Praxair

To me diversity and inclusion means that we all listen to each other with an open mind. The only way that we gain knowledge from one another is if we accept that our individual point of view is not the only one and probably not the best one. By opening our minds and learning from the experiences of others, especially those with diverse backgrounds and thoughts, we can get to better solutions.

Joseph Abdoo Vice President, Central Region
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma, employee, statement about diversity at Praxair

Diversity and inclusion goes beyond the generally viewed interpretation of hiring and retention of women and underrepresented minorities. I believe it is the fostering of a culture that embraces and values differences amongst individuals based on the entirety of their life experiences. Everyone has individual strengths, skills and viewpoints that are valuable precisely due to their diversity rather than uniformity

Anurag Sharma Director, Efficiency & Cost Reduction
Catie Sheklarevski
Catie Sheklarevski, employee, statement about diversity at Praxair

To me, diversity is about all the ways we are different and inclusion is about respecting and leveraging those differences to get to a solution you would not arrive at on your own. Praxair not only works hard to ensure there are differences; this is demonstrated in hiring and promotions, but also celebrates and educates us on the differences so we reach a higher level of appreciation for each other.

Catie Sheklarevski Director, HG Product Management
Monica Kane
Monica Kane Diversity Picture

I think that Diversity and Inclusion is about respect and self-awareness. If people are thoughtful about how their experiences shape them as individuals they can then help create an environment that is more respectful of other perspectives. In Praxair, I have worked with people that are different from me in a lot of ways. I have found that over time we often form relationships of mutual respect. We learn from each other, challenge each other, and enjoy seeing the other person's perspective.

Monica Kane Customer Service Engineer Manager