LTOP/HyTOP Graduation Project

LTOP/HyTOP Graduation Project

Environment Project | USIG - Multiple Locations

Employees in Praxair's Leadership Technical Orientation Program (LTOP), Hydrogen and Technical Orientation Program (HyTOP) and Praxair Distribution, Inc.'s (PDI) development programs, participate in a community engagement activity each time they meet as a group. For one such project, the group volunteered with the Nature Consortium in Seattle, Washington. The Consortium is a grassroots, community organization that connects people, nature and the arts. Part of the Consortium's nature reserve was overgrown with an invasive plant species and the organization did not have the resources to adequately remove it. The 55-member Praxair team worked in the Consortium's reserve, removing the invasive plant and installing native plants, mulching and removing trash.

The Need

Rapid growth of invasive plant species threatens the natural environment of public lands. In many cases, environmental organizations do not have the necessary resources to maintain these areas, leaving the invasive plants to thrive.

Making our Planet More Productive…

by engaging our employees through learning about the importance of environmental stewardship and performing a needed service for a local conservation group.

As a new Praxair employee, I did not realize the commitment that the company had to improving the communities surrounding our offices and facilities. Being able to participate in projects such as the one involving the Nature Consortium not only gave me the opportunity to improve the environment but it created a stronger sense of community among my fellow Praxair employees. It was a truly incredible experience and one worth repeating.

Evan Buckland Plant Engineer, U.S. Industrial Gases