Personnel Safety

Praxair Personnel Safety

Keeping our people safe

Keeping our employees safe is not just about identifying the important contributing factors to accidents and implementing practices to minimize risks. It’s about ensuring that each employee conducts their work in a way that reflects the following safety principles:

  • Accidents and injuries are preventable
  • Safety is a line management accountability
  • Employees are responsible for their own safety
  • Employees are obligated to stop a job or refuse to perform a job if it is not safe or cannot be performed safely
  • Efforts in safety yield results
  • Safety is a condition of employment at Praxair

Worldwide Personnel Safety

See chart below for the number of recordable injuries per 100 employees we’ve had since 2008.

Year Total Recordable Injuries Lost Workday Cases
2011 0.40 0.05
2012 0.42 0.05
2013 0.53 0.09
2014 0.53 0.09
2015 0.42 0.04 
2016  0.39 0.07 
2017 0.41 0.06