Taiwan Team Demonstrates Emergency Readiness

Taiwan Team Demonstrates Emergency Readiness

When the Taiwanese government arranged an exercise to test the ability of chemical plants in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, in Tainan County, to effectively handle a hazardous chemical or gas release, Praxair Taiwan took the opportunity to further train its Local Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP) team in process safety. 

The drill scenario: Massive amounts of ammonia (simulated) begin leaking from the tank of a Praxair customer in the park, Epistar, and began spreading rapidly towards a nearby school. Praxair’s LEAP team soon arrived on the scene to assist the customer and the local responders. As the students were evacuated from the school, the LEAP team stopped the release.

Praxair received a special recognition award from Epistar and the Taiwanese government for being the only supplier to participate in the drill and for playing such a key role in managing the emergency.

“In this drill, we demonstrated not only our outstanding customer service support but also our emergency response capability to all the high-tech companies in the science park,” said Praxair Chemax Semiconductor Materials Process Safety Manager Wendell Lo. “This is a milestone achievement for Praxair Taiwan and our LEAP team.”

Praxair Taiwan President Joyce Chen noted that “our team demonstrated best-in-class performance in terms of managing ammonia storage and emergency response during the LEAP drill at Epistar. This positions Praxair as a leader and game changer in Taiwan's ammonia supply and delivery market.” 

“The Electronics team in Taiwan has worked very hard throughout 2011 to improve process safety and emergency response,” added Electronics Safety Productivity and Quality Global Director Mark Nestle. “This successful drill not only showed the customer's recognition of our efforts, but also gives us a model to use at other customers as we expand our ammonia and silane bulk container sales in the rapidly growing Asia region.”

In addition to Praxair, the customer and local emergency responders, more than 60 representatives from neighboring companies in the science park attended the drill.