Praxair Suppliers Pre-Qualification

The first step in joining our team

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Praxair-qualified supplier.  Simply click on the link titled, “Fill out our pre-qualification form” below, tell us how to reach you and we’ll send you what you need to become qualified and potentially set up in our supplier portal. Through this pre-qualification process, you can tell us about the products, services and technologies you’re interested in supplying to Praxair and see if you meet our purchasing requirements. 

Fill out our pre-qualification form

Supplier Expectations 

At Praxair, we expect the same level of commitment and conduct from our suppliers that we expect from our employees. All of our business dealings must be based on fairness, honesty, lawfulness, safety, environmental stewardship and social consciousness. As a Praxair supplier, you must also ensure compliance with our contractual agreements, Business Integrity & Ethics Policy, and supplier expectations.

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Supplier Diversity

Providing innovative and valuable solutions for our customers around the globe requires diverse talents, perspectives and experiences. At Praxair, our employees have leveraged diversity to remove obstacles, generate creative solutions and provide outstanding service to our customers. Another way that we are achieving success in making our planet more productive for our customers and the communities that we operate in, is by embracing programs that assist us in fostering relationships with a variety of qualified, diverse businesses for our supply chain around the globe.

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Sample Qualification Forms

Click in the link(s) below to view a sample of our pre-qualification forms. 

Maintenance or Construction Contractors*
Requires additional information about your company’s safety performance and the performance of your subcontractors. 

Equipment and Material, General Service Providers*
Completed by potential suppliers of goods and services (except for Maintenance or Construction contractors). 

Addendum for Suppliers Providing Services on Praxair Property*
In addition to the form above, this form is completed if your employees will work on any Praxair site. 

Supplier of Chemicals or Specialty Gases*
Requires additional safety, health, and environmental information on your company and a management system that conforms with the Responsible Care® Management System.

Small Business Self-Certification*
Praxair, Inc. continually seeks to utilize suppliers that are small business concerns. In order for Praxair to properly report its purchases from small businesses, we must maintain the attached Certification Form.

*Not applicable for Russian & European suppliers.