Sustainable Development

Working to sustain and protect our planet

At Praxair, we create technologies, products and services that support our mission of making our planet more productive. We are committed to improving our customers’ environmental performance. And we do that by developing and implementing applications that help customers reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve their environmental performance, while minimizing our own environmental resource intensity and maximizing our social and environmental contributions.

We are committed to advancing sustainable development along Praxair’s value chain. Read about sustainable development governance at Praxair and about the selection of our Priority Factors.

Sustainable development targets support our business platform. In this section we lay out targets and results for each of our six Priority Factors and related key performance indicator areas.

At Praxair, we're committed to developing innovative technologies that drive economic growth and social value — while consuming fewer natural resources and less carbon.

Explore our latest corporate sustainable development report, our response to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and additional highlighted themes like community engagement in our different regions.

We have been repeatedly recognized by leading external sustainability groups, for excellence in sustainability and climate change management, innovation, and reporting by leading socially responsible investment analyst groups, among others.