Selecting Priorities

sustainable development priority factors at praxair

Managing to make an impact

At Praxair, sustainable development is rooted in our core principles and policies and extends into all areas of our business. We hold ourselves accountable for the goals we set and how we reach them, and have a number of committees and councils that help improve our overall sustainable development performance.

Sustainable Development Materiality Assessment (SDMA)


The Sustainable Development Materiality Assessment (SDMA) defines the priority sustainable development factors for Praxair. The SDMA process illustrates how stakeholder issues are considered and, as appropriate, integrated into sustainability governance. Sustainable development Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including Environmental KPIs (EKPIs), are selected based on business priorities and current and emerging internal and external considerations. Performance targets are developed every five years and cross-referenced to the SDMA. The selection of KPIs and EKPIs is reviewed annually within the SDMS management review cycle. For more information on Praxair’s SDMA, please see our annual Sustainable Value Report in the Reporting Center.  

Determining Priority Factors

Sustainable Development, Priority Factors and Related KPI Areas